Online physiotherapy

If you have ever twisted your ankle, hurt your knees or had painful hips while skating, you can now sign up for online physiotherapy. 

We will start with a skateboarding specific screening questionnaire to eliminate any serious pathology. Skateboardphysio will then do the intake via video-chat and decide which program is best for you. Most treatments are exercise-based and accessible via PhysiApp. 

PhysApp is a website and iOS/Android application where you can find your personal exercise program. With example videos of every exercise and a chat option to keep us up to date on your progress.

With the proper help and support from SkateboardPhysio you will be back up and rolling in no time!

4 weeks

Intake, program, 1 evaluation
+ adjustments

€ 75,-

8 weeks

Intake, program, 2 evaluations
+ adjustments

€ 110,-

12 weeks

Intake, program, 3 evaluations
+ adjustments

€ 150,-

24 weeks

Intake, program, 5 evaluations
+ adjustments

€ 250,-