How can I help you?

Online consultation

Personal online consultation is also available. Do you want to discuss the possibilities you have with your current injury? Do you have an injury and you don’t know who to see or what to do? Let’s get together in an online video consultation!

Online coaching

Do you need a work out program for the gym or at home. Something that will not interfere with you skating, but does improve pop and reduce injury? Sign up here!

On-site physio

Do you wish to have a physio present on tour or during competition? Contact me and we can discuss the details.

Skateboardphysio network

If you are looking for skateboarding physio’s in the Netherlands? Look no further!

Online consultation

I get a lot of questions over de the DM on Instagram, but it is difficult to get the right info from someone in order to give appropriate advice. Sometimes a realtime conversation is needed. Therefor I offer 30 min videochat to answer your questions, refer you to the right healthcare professional or give you advice suited to your needs.

30 minute consultation

€ 35 ,-

Online Coaching

Exercises can improve your pop, reduce the risk of injury and shorten recovery time after a long day skating. You have probably already checked the skateboard related exercises on our Instagram page or Youtube channel. You may wonder, however, what exercises would work for you, when to do them and  how you do them correctly. SkateboardPhysio’s coaching program gives structure to your pre and post skateboarding workout.

What do you get?

  • 12-week training program suited to your needs.
  • Your program via an online platform.
  • Intake and evaluation via video chat. With the necessary adjustments to your program.
  • Ask your questions whenever you want via Whats-App.

6-week program

Intake and adjustments

€ 75,-

12-week program

Intake, 1 evaluations + adjustments

€ 130,-

Physio on Site

Allthough new in our sport in my opinion every big skateboard event, trip/tour or filming mission needs a physio to prepare the riders for there run or to help them recover from a day skating. Among other events, I have been involved with several national Dutch championships and have been on SLS competitions as the physio of the dutch national team. Do want a physio present at your event, tour or filming mission? Contact me for questions or a quotation.

Contact me for inquiries.


Skateboardphysio Network

Do you need 1 on 1 physiotherapy? Check out our SkateboardPhysio Network.

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